Paragon Shampoo Bauble Trio 350ml x 3

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Trio front facing .jpg
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Paragon Shampoo Bauble Trio 350ml x 3


LIMITED EDITION (Limited production of 70 units)

Big saving on a trio of our unique car shampoo filled baubles! 

Here is our unique festive edition of Auto Elixir Paragon Car Shampoo it is one of the most advanced car wash treatments you can buy for your vehicle. It combines outstanding cleaning properties that dissolve and loosen dirt, grime and contaminants while leaving absolutely no residue on the surface. This ensures a streak free look, clean and smooth finish on every surface, every time. 

This automotive shampoo has been developed using extremely high quality materials and incorporates foam boosting technology for long lasting foam and streak free results. The shampoo is highly concentrated with a mixture ratio of 1:2000 this makes it possible to make up to 1000 litres of shampoo solution from just one 500ml bottle. This means that out of one 500ml bottle an average of 50 car washes can be achieved. It is of course pH balanced and suitable for regular washes of vehicles treated with waxes, sealants and coatings.

Paragon is an award winning shampoo with a score of 9.3/10 making it the highest rated shampoo Trusted Car Products has ever tested.

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  1. Pre wash the bodywork by rinsing with a hose or pressure washer

  2. Add 1 or 2 capfuls of Paragon into a bucket of warm water

  3. Fill a second bucket with plain water

  4. Using a wash mitt, start at the top of the car working down rinsing the mitt in a second bucket of plain water before taking fresh car bath from the first bucket

  5. Rinse thoroughly with an open end hose and dry. 


  • PH Balanced formula

  • Festive spiced apple fragrance 

  • Wax, sealant and coating safe
  • Very high dilution ratio
  • High power cleaning ability
  • High foam and low residue
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